I am an artist-theorist investigating information as a source of power and resistance: using methods of institutional critique, tactical media and information activism, I aim to facilitate a critical or practice-based understanding of socio-technical systems that typically evade public scrutiny. My investigations have focused on Institutional Review Boards, financial instruments and, most recently, technologies of mass surveillance.

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in Boston. I hold an MFA from UCLA (2010) and am a PhD candidate in Visual Studies at SUNY Buffalo (2018). My dissertation, Operation Mosaic: Informational Mosaics in Art and Intelligence Practices, analyzes the metaphors and conceptions of data and information used by intelligence analysts and in practice-based artistic research projects that deal with the surveillance state.

I have participated in numerous international exhibitions and conferences, including Ars Electronica (Linz), New Media Gallery (Zadar), AC Institute (New York), The New Gallery (Calgary), Critical Media Lab (Kitchener), Critical Finance Studies (Amsterdam), ISEA (Vancouver), and Radical Networks (Brooklyn). My work has been commissioned by Science Gallery Dublin and funded by the Puffin Foundation.